It has taken me a while to find time to update the progress of this project. The original time estimate was off by a few days but that was because we were under no real timeline and we took our time.

I recently upgraded my camera body from a Canon T3i to a Canon 70d. I was really motivated by the new video capabilities but the photographs are amazing. I went to visit an old trapping cabin where I previously took shots with my old body. They were riddled with noise and missing a lot of detail. The 70d performed better than expected and was a real joy!

This past weekend, I was able to watch some tremendous athletes. The sport... sled hockey! For the uninitiated...

I have been reading a few posts about the Hip Hop VM (HHVM). For those of you who are not familiar with this application, this is from their github wiki page.

I have been absolutely geeking out with Jekyll. I still have some other tasks that I would like to accomplish before I am satisfied.

In OSX 10.9 Mavericks, Apple has changed how you add items to the tool bar in the Finder. In previous versions, an application could just be dragged tool-bar and held for a second. 10.9 changes this in that you need to hold down the COMMAND key while dragging.

Well, it's time for another spur of the moment remodel in the house. The target for the holiday vacation is the bedroom. This was one of the first rooms that we tackled when we first moved in seven years ago. Since then our taste has changed and we have a better vision for the house. Instead of looking at each room, we have developed a pretty cohesive pallet throughout the house. We do try to make each room unique but not feel like a completely separate space.

I had the opportunity to do some studio work on the 19th. The studio I used was R&L studio in Upper Arlington. My model for the evening was Cassidy Smith. She was a pleasure to work with. This being only my second time in a studio, I had a great time and learned a lot. Here are my favorites of the evening.

After working with the owner of, we are proud to present to you the updated website. The site features a fully responsive layout as well as a full administrative interface for managing content and other aspects of the site.

I got an alert that the data volume containing transaction logs was growing quickly and that the volume would soon be totally full. This was really strange since the scheduled job to perform transaction log backups was performing correctly and there were no apparent errors. The first thing I wanted to check was the status of the VLF's in the log file.

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